About MacTech Conference

You’re Invited to join us on November 15-17, 2017 in Los Angeles for three days of learning that goes beyond technology (and a fourth day if you’d like to come to the awesome Pre-Conference Workshops on November 14th!). Come talk about the future.


Over 300 people attended the last MacTech Conference

What is MacTech Conference?

MacTech Conference is a 3-day, immersive, technical conference specifically designed for Apple IT Pros, Enterprise, consultants and techs.

“The whole idea of MacTech Conference is to allow members of the Apple community to meet and exchange ideas,” says Edward Marczak, Conference Chair and Executive Editor of MacTech Magazine. “This will be spurred on by presentations from some of the best and well-known experts in the community.”

MacTech Conference has a combination of joint sessions, two concurrent sessions, and labs/forums targeted for IT Pros, Enterprise, consultants, and techs. Sessions will focus on desktop, mobile and watch, as well as macOS and iOS. “In addition to the awesome content, we strive to create a unique environment at MacTech Conference — one where collaboration, spending time with one’s peers, and new knowledge and connections are fostered,” said Neil Ticktin, Conference Organizer and Editor-in-Chief of MacTech Magazine. “Based on the response from our attendees, I believe we’ve exceeded our mark.”

Each year, MacTech Conference gets better and better. Want to know more? Ask around in the community, or check out comments from attendees or tweets from past years. Our events have been acclaimed, right from the start. Even our inaugural event, years ago, was very well regarded.

Where Apple OSes Meet Reality

Apple sets the course with iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — and there are more announcements expected in the months prior to MacTech Conference. With new technologies come new challenges for techs, consultants and IT professionals. MacTech Conference will be the first major event after Apple ships the next versions of its operating systems. If you are an IT professional, tech or consultant, then you should be a part of this event.

Find out why, year after year, MacTech Conference attendees rave about… The content. The people. The experience.

Who Should Attend?


Sessions chock full of content.

Technologists passionate about improving their craft. IT Professionals, Consultants, and techs that focus on Apple technologies. Anyone that wants to get an idea of where technology is headed and how it intersects with everyday life.

Why Should you Attend?

Simply put: The content. The people. The experience.

You’re going to leave a better, more connected tech. We want you to learn better ways of working directly from the people that are already putting new tools and practices to work. When you’re ready, go register here.

You’ll be in an immersive environment with your peers and the best talent in the Apple community. MacTech Conference will provide opportunities for structured and unstructured conversations. Think of it as the ultimate hallway session.


Personality and enthusiasm shine through from MacTech Conference speakers.

Most importantly, before you’re a great Mac or Apple tech, you need to be a great tech. The comprehensive list of sessions looks to lay the foundation that taps you into the topics that you need to be a great tech. See the list of topics for more specific information.

Amazing Speakers

From our keynote speaker, to all of the speakers in the general sessions, tracks and labs, MacTech Conference draws from the best and brightest in the industry. Our speakers come not only from all over the country, but from several countries. A world-class line up of world-class talent. Don’t take our word for it: see for yourself. Want to be a speaker? Fill out the speaker application and let’s talk.

Packed Schedule. Morning ’til Night.

You won’t just be in sessions hearing about great technologies and products. MacTech Conference has a packed evening schedule designed not only to be fun, but also to give you the opportunities to get to know your fellow attendees. Plus, you can go deep on just one topic with one our many new pre-conference workshops the day prior to MacTech Conference.

MORE! Labs

This year, MacTech Conference will have more labs than ever before. Interactive, hands-on, get the help you need from those “in the know”. See the Labs page for more info.

Where Apple OSes Meet Reality

At WWDC each year, Apple sets the course with iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — and there are more announcements expected in the months prior to MacTech Conference. With new technologies come new challenges for techs, consultants and IT professionals. MacTech Conference will be the first major event after Apple ships the next versions of its operating systems. If you are an IT professional, tech or consultant, then you should be a part of this event.

Apple OS Logos

macOS and Mac

MacTech Conference will be one of the first events and a key opportunity to discuss the next major version os macOS, how to take advantage of the new technologies, the impacts of Apple’s newly announced OS features, and issues in development and management of El Capitan, Yosemite, and related software. Attendees can talk through their options with industry experts and peers, form strategies for adoption and support, and more.


Apple is likely releasing new iOS technologies in the weeks just before MacTech Conference. Like macOS, MacTech Conference will be the first event and key opportunity to discuss the new iOS, writing software for it, managing devices, and more. MacTech Conference is not only your opportunity to learn from the speakers, but from the attendees.

Apple Watch

We expect to also see more about watchOS. Like macOS and iOS, MacTech Conference will be the first event and key opportunity to discuss┬áthe new watchOS features and how it could impact IT and consultants. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss with each other issues related to Apple’s watch offerings including if deployment, support or other issues warrant greater attention.


Last year, Apple announced yet another operating system — tvOS for Apple TV. With updates expected this year, we’ll look to address the impact of this newer OS on IT and consultants? Is there an opportunity to take advantage of this new OS? Will support be needed. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss with each other issues related to Apple TV offerings.


Thurs night dinner at MacTech Conference 2014
overlooking the golf course on a beautiful Southern California evening.

All Meals Included

This is an immersive conference, and as such, the time you spend with peers you know and new people that you meet is as important as the sessions themselves. We’ll be feeding you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the event not only to make it all-inclusive, but also so that you can maximize your time with other attendees.

For more information on meals, special hotel rates and more, see our hotel and travel page. Please note: Despite continually expanding the hotel room block, we’ve been selling out the discounted room blocks each year. We expect the same this year. You can only reserve rooms if you are registered for MacTech Conference, so don’t wait to register.

Conference Activities Continue into the Evening


We’re not ready to give details on our Wednesday evening event … but we’re proud of our track record to date. 2013 included a ‘field trip’ to the California Science Center, with guest star Endeavour.

MacTech Conference is not only about learning, it’s also about forming relationships and building networks. MacTech is well regarded and well known for conference activities that not only give you an opportunity to spend time with your peers, they also help you get to know new people and expand your network.

As an immersive conference, we’ll have you busy from morning until night. We’re working on our plans now and will reveal what we have up our sleeve soon for 2017!

EXPANDED! Optional Pre-Conference Workshops

This year, we’ll have several new optional activities that will take place the day prior to MacTech Conference — on Tue Nov 15th. You can take an Apple Certification Exam (half-day), or take one of the full-day, hands-on workshops.

See more on the dedicated pre-conference workshop page.

Apple Certification Tests Available

Have you been dragging your feet on getting that Apple Certification you’ve always wanted? Well, now’s the time to get it done! Apple Certifications are one of the best ways to prove to your clients or employer that you possess the knowledge & know-how to be considered a guru in your Mac-related field of expertise. You can take any available Apple Certification testing exam on-site at MacTech Conference, on the day prior to the event. For more information, see our Apple Certification Testing page.


Andy Ihnatko has spoken at every MacTech Conference to date — and never disappoints.

Space is Limited

We have a limited number of conference attendee spots and hotel rooms available. As a conference with hundreds — not thousands — of people, we want you to have time to get to know people. But, that also means that (like other conferences in the Apple market) if you don’t act fast, you may miss out.

How do MacTech Pro and Conference differ?

While all our events can be of interest to anyone technical, the focus of MacTech Conference is a full, three-day immersive conference for IT Pros, Consultants, and techs that focus on the Apple, iOS, and macOS technologies. MacTech Pro, on the other hand, is a one day, regional event.

Pricing: Conference, Workshops, Certifications

MacTech Conference is priced economically including food, a schedule packed full of sessions, activities, exclusive entertainment, and more. See how the pricing works for conference, and the optional items. Take note of the dates, and register early for the best deals.

Don’t wait. Register today by clicking here.

Note: Partial and full student scholarships are available. See EDU page and Scholarships page for more information on education discounts for students, faculty and educational institution staff — as well as scholarship opportunities.

EXCLUSIVE! Talk to Key Vendors

MacTech selects key vendors to be a part of our events. Speak to representatives from companies about the solutions they offer not only in the hallways, or at their sponsor tables, but our excellent Sponsor Forums! It’s a unique opportunity to make contacts within these companies and get your questions answered.


Media Outlets are Thoroughly Involved

Several great publications and sites will be covering MacTech Conference in a variety of different ways — and in some cases, that could mean more coverage for you, or your company.

On the first two days of the event, the conference will have on-site editorial teams from assorted media outlets, discussion tables with the media at meals, and we’ve already been asked by reporters to do interviews with attendees, articles on the conference and more. You’ll be able to set up appointments to try and get exposure for what your company does, if that’s a goal.

Is that it?

We’re adding speakers and sessions — especially as we see how some things develop in the community over the next several weeks. There will be a few surprises along the way, too. The most important benefit is that you return to your work energized, with new ideas and new contacts that will let you work smarter, not harder. Register here.

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