MacTech Conference is known for packing in a lot of content as well as ample time for networking, activities, and more. We don’t force talks to conform to an arbitrary block of time that works for the conference, but focus on what’s best for the attendee and presenter. Due to this, we list approximate times, but it’s typically a good estimation. This invites discussion from participants and allows a natural flow to the event.


The detailed schedule is available as a web based calendar, or by subscribing to the calendars below for display in your own apps (best method). You can take a quick look now at and take a look at what we have in store for everyone.  

Need a quick overview, just for travel plans? Scroll on down to the “Broad Strokes” schedule.


The BEST way to see the calendar

The best way to see the schedule, with coloring and faster updates is by subscribing to the calendars, and setting for more frequent updates (see instructions to left).

The web-based detailed schedule for MacTech Conference is at Detailed Schedule.

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Broad Strokes” Schedule

If you just need broad strokes fro general travel planning purposes, here’s an overview.

Tue, October 15th, 2019:
Pre-Conference Workshops
9am: Pre-Conference Workshop Registration
     - no Conference Registration Please
9:30: Workshops Begin
Workshops include morning break, lunch, and afternoon break.
No evening activities.

Half-day Workshops, and Apple Certification Exams
1:30pm: Registration
    - no Conference Registration Please

Tuesday Evening: IT Kit Party, Sponsored by Spoke
Come meet the Spoke team, and enjoy drinks and appetizers! You not only can find out more about IT Kit, but also meet new people.  It’s a great way to also see who wants to go out to dinner (after the IT Kit Happy Hour), and there’s a number of places walking distance from the hotel to choose from!

Looking for cool places online to meet and read about other IT pros? Check out The site is run by Spoke, the ticketing platform used by today's forward-thinking IT team. Ask us more about the site and IT Kit when you meet our team; drinks on Spoke!

Wed, October 16th:
8am: Conference Registration (badge pickup) Begins
   - Sponsor Exhibits Open
10am: Welcome, Main Sessions Begin
Schedule includes continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon break, dinner and evening activities.

Thu, October 17th:
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Sessions Begin
Schedule includes full breakfast, morning break, lunch, afternoon break, dinner and evening event party.

Fri, October 18th:
8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Sessions Begin
5pm: All Conference Activities Conclude.
Schedule includes full breakfast, morning break, lunch, and afternoon break.

Post Event: Fri-Sat
Official activities conclude by 5pm on Fri, but many attendees stay for informal or ad hoc gatherings, enjoy the nearby eateries for dinner, or enjoy the Southern California climate before they return home on Saturday or Sunday. Attendees are responsible for their own plans post-event, but there is a negotiated hotel guest room rate to give you the best deal all the way through the weekend if you'd like.