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    October 16-18, 2019 • Los Angeles, CA

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    Call for speakers:   MacTech Conference is looking for great speakers on interesting topics related to people using Apple technology. This means just about everything is on the table: technology at any depth, improving your craft, dealing with the business of being independent and more. Ideally, we talk about the future, solve problems and move people down the path of improvement. Think about a presentation that would excite you.

    MacTech Conference’s attendees are from many countries and are at different levels of learning. One thing unites them: a passion to improve and dig deeper into the path they've chosen.

    As always, we're looking for a great cross section of speakers including US and international based, men and women, different age groups and types of speakers, etc... In other words, it's all about the content, and making sure that MacTech Conference has a diverse, unique, and useful session set from amazing speakers. Talks are chosen entirely on merit.

    If your talk is chosen, as a speaker, you get a full pass to the conference and all that it entails (details provided in email after your talk is chosen).

    Original Content: We're looking for original content for sessions -- or put another way, we're not looking for a rehash content already used somewhere else -- that's part of what makes a MacTech Conference speaker stand out. Got a question on what this means? Talk to us, and we'll work it through with you.

    Code of Conduct: MacTech has now, and always has had, a simple attendance policy that applies to attendees, sponsors and speakers. In short, be excellent to each other. For specifics, see the policies page.

    Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us (e.g., through this form, or directly).

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