Why Attend?

Why Should you Attend?

  • Learn to solve IT problems that impact your organization or clients.
  • An immersive environment with your peers and the best talent in the Apple community.
  • As the first major event after Apple ships its annual updates of operating systems, and new device releases, learn and discuss with others how Apple’s new technologies meet reality.
  • Get ideas that help you take your skills and services to the next level.
  • Learn about new and future products to empower your users and make your lives easier.
  • Learn connections, basis for intuition and gain insights from experts and peers.
  • Share and exchange experiences and solutions with your peers.

Simply put: The content. The people. The experience.

You’re going to leave a better, more connected tech. We want you to learn better ways of working directly from the people that are already putting new tools and practices to work. When you’re ready, go register here.

You’ll be in an immersive environment with your peers and the best talent in the Apple community. MacTech Conference will provide opportunities for structured and unstructured conversations. Think of it as the ultimate hallway session.

Want to understand better what the content will be about? Check out the topics, and you’ll have a much better idea.


Enthusiasm galore.

Personalities shine.

Most importantly, before you’re a great Mac or Apple tech, you need to be a great tech. The comprehensive list of sessions looks to lay the foundation that taps you into the topics that you need to be a great tech. See the list of topics for more specific information.

Amazing Speakers

From our keynote speaker, to all of the speakers in the tracks, breakout labs, birds of a feather discussions and sessions, MacTech Conference draws from the best and brightest in the industry. Our speakers come not only from all over the country, but from several countries. A world-class line up of world-class talent. Don’t take our word for it: ask around!

Packed Schedule. Morning ’til Night.

You won’t just be in sessions hearing about great technologies and products. MacTech Conference has a packed evening schedule designed not only to be fun, but also to give you the opportunities to get to know your fellow attendees, speakers and even the vendors. And, you can even extend your experience by coming to the Pre-Conference Workshops the day prior, or staying through Saturday to spend more time with your peers.