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Scott Knaster

That’s amazing! Why Storytelling is Crucial to Tech, Business, and the World


Scott Knaster
Silicon Valley Lifer


Scott Knaster has been “adjacent to greatness” through some of the most important moments in modern technology history while working for Apple, Microsoft, General Magic, Google and others. Throughout his journey, he’s come to realize how incredibly important the art of storytelling is to our lives in tech, business, and even personally. In this keynote, Scott will not only share some amazing stories, but he will help us all recognize the power of storytelling. Scott will show how you can bring out the stories that you may not even realize that you have, and tell them in a way that will support everything you do.

About Scott

Scott Knaster is a Silicon Valley lifer, with the stories to prove it. A writer, teacher, and sometimes musical theatre performer, Scott has worked on a wide variety of projects from the magical to the practical, with career stops at Google, Microsoft, General Magic, and Apple. Scott’s 35 years in the Valley have led him through some of tech’s most inspiring and absurd moments, often bringing him Adjacent to Greatness (which is what Scott calls his solo storytelling show).