Trammell Hudson


The Value of Discovery


Trammell Hudson, Two Sigma Investments


Today’s world is complex, and so many would like you to think that things just work, and are secure. But as you see in the news, that’s not always the case. Security needs to be not just “on your radar” but integrated into the way you do everything.

With that in mind … we’re very proud to announce that the keynote speaker for MacTech Conference this year is Trammell Hudson — security researcher extraordinaire famous for Thunderstrike (the first proof-of-concept firmware rootkits for Apple MacBooks), Magic Lantern (where he reverse engineered the firmware in the Canon 5D camera) and other projects.

Trammell will show some of the ways you can go about diving into and taking apart technologies you are using. You’ll learn about the real-world benefits to understanding what’s going on behind the scenes and under the hood, and you’ll see some fun and interesting surprises along the way.

About Trammell

Trammell Hudson is a programmer and reverse engineer who focuses on low-level software and hardware security. At Two Sigma Investments, he is a security researcher and is developing Heads, an open source firmware for slightly more secure systems. Previously he developed lightweight operating system kernels and message passing systems for the world’s fastest supercomputers at Sandia National Labs.

Trammell’s security research into Apple’s hardware resulted in Thunderstrike and Thunderstrike II, the first proof-of-concept firmware rootkits for Apple MacBooks. After working with Apple to patch the underlying vulnerabilities, he presented his findings at CCC, BlackHat and DEFCON.

Trammell is also well known for Magic Lantern Firmware — where he reverse engineered the firmware in the Canon 5D Mark II and started the Magic Lantern project that is now an open system for writing extensions that run inside Canon’s DSLR and mirrorless cameras.