Topics 2017

MacTech Conference is a fully immersive, three-day conference for techs at all levels that support Apple users and devices. From foundational sessions, to advanced, and even esoteric sessions, you’ll be constantly surrounded by the very people shaping the Mac and iOS landscape. The weather is just one of the things that Southern California is known for, and the event is completely integrated with the hotel for an immersive experience. You provide your brain. We provide the content, the food, and a ton of fun to create an event full of opportunities for you.

What are the types of topics covered at MacTech Conference? This list, while not exhaustive, will give you an idea of what we’re looking at for sessions.

Getting up to speed
• Packages
• Automation
• Command line basics

Beyond the basics
• Real world macOS and iOS
• Managing Macs
• Mobile Device Management
• Command line tools
• Managing iOS
• Security
• Encryption
• New Apple File System (aka APFS)
• DevOps
• Productivity tools
• Troubleshooting
• Scripting
• Database Technologies
• Developer Technologies
• Communication Technologies
• Network Technologies
• Storage and Backups
• Cloud Technologies
• Directory Services
• Tools and Techniques
• Business Best Practices
• Wi-Fi and Networking
• Virtualization
• Safely deploying changes
• Xcode for System Administrators
• Testing
• Collaboration Technologies
• iOS tools for management
• Building hardware to help you
• Non-Apple Tools
• Development environment best practices
• Swift
• watchOS and tvOS: A place in your org?

Note: Topics, Sessions, and Speakers are subject to change at any time without notice.