MacTech Conference is not only about learning, it’s also forming relationships and building networks. MacTech is known for conference activities that not only give you an opportunity to spend time with your peers, they also you get to know new people and expand your network.

Throughout the Day and into the Evening

As an immersive conference, we’ll have you busy from morning until night … literally. The big question is always “What are we doing this year?” Well, we’ve been keeping tight lipped on that … until now.

Not familiar with our evening traditions? Check out the tweets from one of our previous events.

Will have you busy both Wednesday night of MacTech Conference, as well as the Thursday night party night. Rest assured, you’ll not only get a chance to mingle, but you’ll have a ton of fun in the process.


Wednesday: “Behind the Ropes” at Battleship Iowa

Come visit the West Coast’s only battleship — the Battleship Iowa — and go behind the ropes to see areas not accessible to the general public such as Gunnery plot, the boiler rooms, engine rooms, and hospital as well as the Navigation Bridge, and the cabin that FDR occupied during the transit to the Tehran Conference and where the initial D-Day invasion plans were conceived.

You’ll have the opportunity to see a 1930’s era electro-mechanical computers that do calculus calculating the trajectory of a 2700 pound projectile accurate to 10 meters at 23 miles. Meet Battleship sailors — including your brethren in IT — who served on Iowa and New Jersey during the 1980s and explore the integration of modern and 1940s technology done by the Museum staff while dining in the Officer’s wardroom. You’ll see how the ship uses Apple technology in its display, as well as where it’s going in the future. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to go “behind the ropes” of this ship — often referred to as the Battleship of Presidents — that has seen so much of American history.

Thursday Evening: MacTech Conference Party
Games and more!

This year’s party will be a gaming night. Challenge your fellow conference attendee to an array of fun — and walk away with a whole lotta fun in the process.