Apple Certification Exams

Tuesday, November 6th

The afternoon prior to MacTech Conference but at the same venue, Apple Certification Exams will be available during the “Pre-Conference” activities on Tuesday. On Tuesday, our testing partner and Apple Authorized Training Center will offer a study hour and exam session on-site.

Learn. Network. Get Certified.

  • Take the time now to get the Apple Certification you’ve always wanted.
  • Network with peers during the conference and the one-hour study session.
  • Pass your exam and walk away satisfied & certified!

Why should I get certified?

  • Having an Apple Certification is the best way to prove to your clients or employer that you possess the knowledge & know-how to be considered a “guru” in your Mac-related field of expertise.
  • You can take any Apple Certification Exam that is currently available at the time of testing.
  • We will have an Apple Certified Trainer onsite during the study hour to assist with the most recent macOS Support Essentials (High Sierra focus) related questions.

As of this writing, these are the exams that are currently available from Apple:

  • macOS Support Essentials 10.13
  • Mac Integrations Basics 10.13 Exam
  • ACMT: Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
  • Apple Service Fundamentals
  • ACiT: Apple Certified iOS Technician


(Disclaimer: While extraordinarily valuable, Conference sessions are not intended to prepare you specifically for Apple Certification exams. Exam Proctor/Trainer may not have knowledge related to your specific exam. Study session is intended more as a study group or last minute study period. There will only be enough time to allow for one exam and only MacTech Conference attendees may participate in this exam program.)

How do I register for the exam session?

After you’ve registered for MacTech Conference, we’ll reach out to you when registration for the certification testing is available.

Testing will take place in the afternoon at the same hotel as the conference (day prior to the main Conference start) starting at 2pm. For planning purposes, you will likely be finished with your exam by 5:30pm, and no later than 6pm on Tuesday.

You register for the exam at the time of your MacTech Conference registration, but you can add a registration later as well (note the cost is based on how far in advance you register).