Jamf and MacTech are working together on our two 2019 events — Jamf’s annual user conference (JNUC) and MacTech Conference 2019. For the good of the community, so that everyone will have the opportunity to go to both of these great events, we’re swapping months from our normal schedules.

MacTech Conference will now be October 16-18, 2019 in Los Angeles and JNUC will be November 12-14, 2019 in Minneapolis.

As they have consistently done for many years, Jamf is a Gold Sponsor of MacTech Conference 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact MacTech using this form.

To register for MacTech Conference 2019, with Super Early Bird pricing that saves you almost 50%, register now!

What is MacTech Conference?

MacTech Conference is a 3-day, immersive, technical conference specifically designed for Apple IT Pros, Enterprise, consultants and techs.

The driving idea behind MacTech Conference is to allow members of the Apple community to meet and exchange ideas. We do this through not just presentations from some of the best and well-known experts in the community, but by fostering interactions and building relationships.

MacTech Conference has a combination of joint sessions, two concurrent sessions, and labs/forums targeted for IT Pros, Enterprise, consultants, and techs. Sessions will focus on desktop, mobile and watch, as well as macOS and iOS. In addition to the awesome content, we strive to create a unique environment at MacTech Conference — one where collaboration, spending time with one’s peers, and new knowledge and connections are fostered. Based on the response from our attendees, I believe we’ve exceeded our mark.

Each year, MacTech Conference gets better and better. Want to know more? Ask around in the community, or check out comments from attendees or tweets from past years. Our events have been acclaimed, right from the start. Even our inaugural event, years ago, was very well regarded.

Find out why, year after year, MacTech Conference attendees rave about… The content. The people. The experience.